Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Use of QRs in Math Class to add a bit of Fun

My schedule has been very hectic as of late; busy taking MOOCs and taking care of school work.

The current MOOC that I am taking through coursera is "Emerging Trends & Technologies in the Virtual K-12 Classroom". The topic of using QRs came up and I recalled that two years ago I prepared a little game a la scavenger hunt to help my students review for the Precalculus test. 

Following is a brief description of the said activity:

1) I used classtools.com (I strongly recommend this cool site; Coolism!) to generate the scavenger hunt for this activity. The site guides you through the whole process.

2) I entered my five questions, generated the corresponding QR codes (try them out by pointing your own mobil device that has a QR reader), printed them, cut them up, and then posted them around the building in conspicuous places that the students will have to find. 

3) The students were split into groups and the adventure started.

4) The five questions were appropriate for the 50-minute class. The group that completes all solution processes first and correctly got sweets.

5) The session was fun as the students attested and they got a bit of a review.

QR Code of Question 1

QR Code of Question 2

QR Code of Question 3

QR Code of Question 4

QR Code of Question 5

6) These are just a few examples of how such a technology may be used. Adding games and fun to any learning activity is a big plus.

Please, reply to this post and make sure you add your own game and fun-filled activities in the comments area. Thank you 

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