Saturday, August 3, 2013

Students' Reflections & Citations in Math Assessment (07/09/13 Global Math Department Presentation)

I had the privilege of contributing to the July 9th conference at the Global Math Department site. 

Thank you to Megan Hayes-Golding for facilitating this web meeting and for guiding us (presenters) through the presentation process so professionally and in a very user friendly manner.

My presentation focused on the use of reflections and citations in math assessment and how it should (a) nurture depth in expressing one's thoughts regarding the solution process to a math problem through reflections and (b) foster the scholarly approach to mathematical writing and problem solving amongst our students through citations from the course's textbook, instructor's notes, or peers' presentations.

The conference's recording shows samples of such references and citations. But, after the conference was over, fellow attendees expressed interest in seeing samples of peer citations. So, here are a few examples of such citations.

Note: The student solver name was whited out to respect anonymity & the numbers next to the referenced students (inside oval) denote the problems they solved that their current presenting classmate is referencing. 

Note: The student solver name were blocked out to respect anonymity & notice how this student referenced her peer by stating the date of the referenced student's presentation date. 
Note: The student solver name was grayed out to respect anonymity & the number next to the referenced student (inside oval) denote the problem he solved that his classmate is referencing. 
Notice how the students' methods of referencing vary but the context still helps other students in class recognize the specific aspect of the current problem solution that drew from other sources (their peers in this case.)

A neat outcome of this peer citation and referencing system in general was the start of a healthy and scholarly competition amongst students and students with me (their instructor) as to who ends up being the cited champion as the year progresses (a la Erdos citation number idea.) 

Please, provide your own take on the use of Reflections or Citations in your respective curricula or comment on how you would implement such idea in the future. Thank you

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