Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hip hip hooray for the Global Math Department!

I am both proud and honored to have joined the Global Math Department community yesterday. In addition, I spent a cool hour attending my first web conference with this cool group. The topic was Interactive Notebooks (IN) and it was facilitated by a panel consisting of @rawrdimus (Jonathan Claydon) @jacehan (James Cleveland) @mgolding (Megan Hayes-Golding). 

Kudos to the panel members and to the rest of the members who attended, I enjoyed the session and took good practices involving IN from it. Implementation time!  

What impressed me the most about yesterdays experience is the fact that this group of dedicated teachers who have to deal with 150 students on average each year manage to go out of their way to not only make math as accessible and as fun as possible for their students but also squeeze enough precious time of their respective busy schedules to share their excellent teaching ideas with their peers. Wow! I am humbled, tickled, and above all grateful that there are such high caliber math teachers in our country. 

Whoever complains about education in our country suffering from decadence and decline should look no further than what these dedicated teachers at Global Math Department and others like them (see Cool Sites on the side bar for a sample) practice with our students to realize that we are on the right track as a nation (math-wise at least). Just encourage a lot of cross pollination between such colleagues and any aspiring teachers or teachers who just need a bit of a nudge to rejuvenate their teaching/learning practices.

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