Thursday, May 9, 2013

Think-Pair-Share becomes Nadji's Think-Pair-Teach-Present

I have always used think-pair-share or peer instruction as Eric Mazur would call it but back in April 26 of this year as I was about to have my PreCalculus students embark on yet another Trig challenge  when a variation on think-pair-share suddenly sprung up in my head. Here are the steps of what I like to call Think-Pair-Teach-Present.

A) Instead of assigning the same set of problems to all students to later discuss with their classmates, why not split the class in two (by having students call one and two) and assign each of them half of the problems in the set. 
B) Each student works individually on his/her assigned set of problems based on her/his number pick (1 or 2.)
C) Once the individual work is completed, all students with a given assigned problem set would meet with students who are working on the same set to discuss their respective solution processes, critique them, and arrive at an agreed upon set of solution steps.
D) Now, each student who has problem set 1 (and became "expert" on her/his set) gets to teach a counterpart student who has problem set 2 and then the roles get reversed.
E) Finally, one of these newly formed pairs of "teachers" volunteer to present the to everyone in the class what they were taught by their partner, not their own solution set, to ensure that the peer teaching process did indeed work.  

Please, give this method a try in your classroom and post comments on how it worked for you.

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